Recommendations with Reviews [INCOMPLETE]

Here is an incomplete list of some of the c-novels I read  in the past. I have a thing for keeping a list of all the books, movies, and places of been because I feel like it’s something that would be nice to look over every now and to remind myself that I have too much time on my hands. Anyways, I’ll be updating the list throughout the year/years so keep an eye out if you ever run out of things to do. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to figure out the rating system yourself so I won’t say anything further about that (some of the novels still haven’t been rated yet since I still have no idea how I feel about them).

I’ll include all links to the novels, the summaries on Shusheng Bar and audiobooks if available and when I have more time.

[Note: the reviews are simply my own opinion and what I think/thought about the novels. I would still recommend checking out the summary of each book and reading it for yourself if you think you’ll enjoy it.]





且试天下 (qie shi tian xia) ★★★★★

Audiobook available (complete)

  • I absolutely adore this novel and it’s definitely one of my all time favorites. I would recommend listening to the audiobook first and then reading the novel if you would like to afterwards. It’s not that long either and I guarantee you’ll love it.

娘子不像话 (niang zi bu xiang hua) ★★★

Audiobook available (complete)

闲云公子 (xian yun gong zi) ★★★

Audiobook available (complete)

步步惊华 (bu bu jing hua) ★★★

Audiobook available

  • I haven’t finished this novel yet as I’m listening to the audiobook but it’s pretty good so far. I love the background music which is sort of irrelevant but it adds to the whole experience so I thought I would mention it anyway. The plot is pretty good (though it’s not unique and reminds me of Nv Huang Gong Lue) and I adore the male lead and the way he shows how much he cares for our protagonist.

天配已良缘商君 (tian pei yi liang yuan shang jun) ★★

Audiobook available (complete)

  • A very good novel but the protagonist didn’t end up with the guy I was rooting for so I didn’t give it the four-five stars it probably deserves. I listened to the audiobook instead of reading the novel and it gave me a sense of alienation and detachment at times in contrast to many other novels of the same genre which tend to be very hectic – another reason I didn’t like it as much as I could have. Of all the martial art novels, this is considered to be one of the shorter ones although it can’t be counted as a ‘quick read’ but definitely give it a try.

女皇攻略 (nv huang gong lue) ★

Audiobook available

  • Nv Huang Gong Lue is actually quite a good c-novel and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is fond of novels revolving around quests to get stronger, sects, battles and things like that. The only reason I gave it one star was because I really disliked (an understatement) the ending since the author didn’t let the protagonist end up with the guy I liked…but give it a try since there are a few male leads and you’ll probably have different tastes to me.


– 三生三世,十里桃花 (san sheng san shi, shi li tao hua)★★

– 三生三世,枕上书 (san sheng san shi, zhen shang shu) ★★


楚王妃 (chu wang fei) ★★★★★

Audiobook available 

大唐女法医 (da tang nv fa yi) ★★★★★

Audiobook available

  • Another one of my all time favorite novels. I’ll probably translate a few scenes here and there when I have the time but definitely go and check it out for yourselves. The audiobook is quite enjoyable and the male protagonist is voiced by Xiao Bian C who I just happen to have a thing for. It’s quite different to a lot of ‘female lead going back in time etc etc’ novels since the protagonist is a forensic investigator and so the novel is mostly composed of arcs revolving around different murder cases and so on. If I had to make a ranking of books I loved/enjoyed the most then this would probably surpass Chu Wang Fei which I adore if you didn’t know that already. The main reason I haven’t given a lot of these novels more praise is because I don’t think there’s enough ‘couple development’ if that’s a thing. I have nothing against ‘love at first sight’ and whatnot but it irks me (sometimes) when a guy or a girl becomes so obsessed with another person when they’ve only met once or twice. This novel has great ‘couple development’, it happens slowly but not so slow that you’ll get bored of it.

错嫁良绿之一代军师  (cuo jia liang lu zhi yi dai shang jun) ★★★★

Audiobook available (complete)

  • This is another must-read novel and something different from the norm. I’m obsessed with novels that have something to do with battles and military tactics and as a fan of ‘The Three Kingdoms’ and the seven military classics of China, this was definitely a hit for me. I would recommend reading the first and third book if you like the author’s style…this one is certainly my favorite though.

丑颜嫡女(chou yan di nv) ★★★

Audiobook available (complete)

  • Although I can’t really remember the specific details as to what happened within this novel I think it’s safe to say that I loved it. I might be a little bit biased though since this was my second legit modern Chinese novel that I ever read in Chinese. Like most novels posted in this list, I love plot and more importantly, the main characters (the main guy is so so so sweet to the protagonist). Chou Yan Di Nv is probably the closest novel I’ve read to Chu Wang Fei so if you’re enjoying that and you’re looking for something else then maybe give this a shot. I would give this a higher rating if there weren’t some strings left untied throughout the novel; they don’t affect the plot at all but as someone who likes to pick on every single thing when she gets the chance to it sort of bothered me.

弃女逆夫:腹黑太子妃 (qi nv ni fu: fu hei tai zi fei) ★★★

Audiobook available (complete)

  • There’s no doubt that in the majority of the novels I’ve posted the male lead is totally devoted and in love with the protagonist. This novel however takes it to a whole new level which I think is the reason I like it so much. The only reason I didn’t go ahead and give it five stars is because the female lead can be a bit ‘bitchy’ at times/most of the times and because I felt sorry for the other potential love interests.

大漠谣 (da mo yao) ★★★

Audiobook available (complete)

  • Huo Qubing. Need I say more?

华胥引 (hua xu yin) ★★★

Audiobook available

 都是狐狸 (dou shi hu li) ★★

Audiobook available (complete)

  • This is another great novel and would have a few more stars if it didn’t have two equally awesome male leads whom I love equally. To be honest, it wouldn’t matter who the lead ended up with, I would still feel bad for the other guy.

古代美容师 (gu dai mei rong shi) ★★

Audiobook available 

  • Aside from the actual plot and characters this novel is also pretty good since it gives you a few tips as to how you should look after your skin if you’re into that kind of thing (which I most certainly am).

江湖九分熟 (jiang hu jiu feng shu) ★★

Audiobook available (complete)

  • A short and cute novel. Give it a try if you want something quick to read, there’s also a pretty good (I think?) audiobook.

两只前夫一戏台 (liang zhi qian fu yi xi tai) ★

下堂王妃开青楼 (xia tang wang fei kai qing lou) ★

Audiobook available

  • This novel is pretty hilarious and is about a girl who goes back in time, becomes a Wang Fei and then opens up a brothel. I haven’t finished this yet since I’m following the audiobook (which hasn’t finished) but I only gave it one star since I have a slight problem with the male protagonist; only a slight problem though. It also gets a bit confusing since the lead travels back and forth from the present to the past and also falls in love with a ghost/spirit while she’s at it so…

祸国 (huo guo) ★

Audiobook available

  • ‘Huo Guo’ has a pretty decent storyline but the female protagonist really irritates me. I haven’t finished this yet and I’m not sure when I will but I safely say that the girl’s so obsessed with this one guy that she only met a few times before she gets married to the Emperor. She has these really random moments where she just breaks down because she’s not sure if she’s doing the right thing or not and only regains her composure when she places herself in the shoes of the guy she’s in love with and makes decisions according to what she thinks he would do. This might get a bit better if she gets over him but for now…

天才招唤师 (tian cai zhao huan shi) ★

Audiobook available 

第一庶女(di yi shu nv)

Audiobook available

弃妃 (qi fei)

Audiobook available

穿越之绝色弃妃毒妃:凤逆天下 (chuan yue zhi jue se qi fei du fei: feng ni tian xia)

妾木惊华 (qie mu jing hua)

Audiobook available 

神度狂后 (shen du kuang hou)


早安,卧底小姐 (zao an, wo di xiao jie) ★★★★

Audiobook available (complete)

  • Really cute and a great read. I love the male lead but I don’t think the novel delves deep enough into their relationship so even though you understand that he loves her, there’s not enough development in that area in order for you to really understand. This, of course, is purely subjective and it definitely doesn’t affect how funny the girl is. I love love love love love the epilogue.

腹黑Boss你别逃 (fu hei boss, ni bie tao) ★★★

微微一笑很倾城 (wei wei yi xiao hen qing cheng) ★★★

Audiobook available (complete)

  • The first third of this novel (10 chapters or so) takes place online which put me off a little since it got sort of boring at times (for a non gamer like me anyway) but it’s pretty good nonetheless.

男明星女助理 (nan ming xing nv zhu li) ★★

Audiobook available (complete)

  • I don’t mind this novel but I’m not quite sure what to think of it? I think I would like it more if the couple didn’t become a couple the way they did (that made no sense but you’ll understand once you read it).

何以笙箫默 (he yi sheng xiao mo) ★★

Audiobook available (complete)

Kao, 被潜了(kao, bei qian le) ★★

Audiobook available (complete)

  • A cute and funny novel. I love the relationship between the two leads and would give it a higher rating if it weren’t for the fact that I have a problem with dense female

总裁的替身前妻 (zong cai de ti sheng qian qi) ★★


Audiobook available

  • This is one of the novels where you definitely have to read the first book in order to understand the next. It may not seem like it when you first start the novel (this is the sequel) but you’ll soon begin to question why the male’s family is so shifty, why they get into all this random mess and why there are a few hundred chapters dedicated to some random characters who have absolutely next to nothing to do with the plot line. If you think you’re up for a challenge and ready to get through the 800+ chapters of the first novel and the 1000+ chapters of this novel then go for it.

衫衫来吃 (shan shan lai chi) ★★

Audiobook available


成全了自己的碧海蓝天 (cheng quan le zi ji de bi hai lan tian)

Audiobook available (complete)

  • This book actually holds a pretty special place in my heart. I didn’t love it and I didn’t hate it but I think it’s a great coming of age novel. It doesn’t revolve around a girl in her early teens becoming a women and instead, revolves around a young women trying to accustom herself to the adult life. It focuses on the seemingly minute and mundane details which a lot of young adult novels tend to exclude from the fiery romantic story lines most people read them for. I think it accurately depicts the average person’s everyday life, the milestones all humans must make and encapsulates the real human experience and not the time-travel/fantastical power battle things that I posted in the sections above. The novel doesn’t have a happy, nor sad ending and leaves you hanging but I think it’s such an ending which contributes to how authentic it is. What I loved most though was the real ending, not the ending to the novel but the note the author/audiobook reader added at the end. Bi Hai Lan Tian isn’t long and you probably won’t love it or hate it like me but I think it’s a great read. I hope that if you do begin this though, you’ll continue to the very end and listen to the afterword because that’s what really made me remember this.

我也会爱上别人 (wo ye hui ai shang bie ren)

Audiobook available 

烈焰总裁 (lie yan zong cai)

Audiobook available

原来你还在这里 (yuan lai ni hai zai zhe li)

Audiobook available (complete)


沥川往事 (li chuan wang shi)

Audiobook available (complete)

    • Okay, I know that this novel is really really really popular but I absolutely hate it. Whilst I understand that ‘love’ severely messes with people’s heads, the female protagonist is just too much for me to handle. If there was a movie or book called ‘How to Not to Deal with Breakups’, this girl would be our lead. She’s irritating and selfish which I would be able to forgive if she wasn’t so blindly obsessed with the guy. She literally dates him for a mere three months before he leaves her but for some reason, she isn’t able to get over him within the next six or so years. The protagonist doesn’t even attempt to get over her first love which is the most ‘Bella from Twilight’ thing I’ve ever read and instead picks up drinking and smoking because that’s definitely going to help her get on with her life. She rejects all the other males in her life and clings on to a simple memory from a whimsical and ephemeral experience she had when she was still in university. There is absolutely no character development/progression in this novel and her friends (or the lack of) do nothing to help. If it were me, I would have slapped her a few times, dumped her with a few buckets of cold water before sending her off to some kind of recovery place for idiotic female leads who need to come to their senses. That being said, the male lead is equally at fault. Apparently not giving a girl a clean break is the number one way to let her forget about him. He then returns to the country in the end because she sent him one email that said ‘come back’, ‘I miss you’ or something similar when she was drunk and sad like how she usually is.  BUT, he doesn’t come back in order to rekindle the old flame between him and his ex but to simply be there because she asked him to even though he was the one who told her it was over between the two of them and told her to move on which he continues to say over and over again when they meet again. In case you couldn’t be bothered reading through my rant, here’s a conclusion: <<inserts every swear word possible>> *burns book* [this review/comment probably didn’t make any sense because I got so overwhelmed by emotions that I decided to type whatever came into my head first]

 第三种爱情 (di san zhong ai qing)

Audiobook available (complete)

  • I liked, yet did not like this novel. I think the male lead was a jerk because he clearly knew why the female protagonist’s sister attempted to commit suicide yet he still decided to pursue the protagonist. He also decided to be a complete bastard and go after her whilst he was still engaged to another girl which I don’t think he mentioned until after she fell for him (unless a coworker mentioned it first). Although I think he did like the female lead he still decided to marry his fiancee in the end because she would be able to bring him social and financial benefits which the main girl wouldn’t have been able to do. And as a result of his oh-so-fantastic-and-well-thought-out decisions, he made everyone unhappy. And yes, ‘jerk’ and ‘complete bastard’ are understatements, he was simple an asshole.

先婚后爱 (xian hun hou ai)

Audiobook available (complete)

  • Weirdly enough, I didn’t mind this novel at the beginning since the female lead was quite likeable, fiesty, smart and able to defend for herself. A bit after the middle though, she suddenly became really annoying (to me at least) and I just didn’t want to continue reading (I finished it anyway). So no I didn’t like it, another reason being that I liked the other guy more than the guy she ended up with but this, as compared to the girl’s personality only happens to be a small part of the problem.


  1. Hi! Thank you so much for posting these reviews! I recently got into reading these Chinese novels (translated into English). I understand it when spoken, but am Chinese illiterate, otherwise I’d help the cause. In any case, I’m curious, do you know where I might be able to stream/download these audio books?


    1. Hey, I usually use 懒人听书 (an app) when listening to audiobooks but not all of the novels I’ve posted are available there. If you have anything in particular you want to listen to then send me a quick message and I’ll try and find the audiobook for you.


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