1. hi! i’m a super fan of cnovels. i just would like to say i love your translations and i sincerely appreciate your efforts. that you’ll be translating 3 cnovels at the same time is really a big treat for me. thank you so much!!!


  2. Thank you for your enthusiasm in translating but I will like to inform you that another blog has started translating Wei Wei. http://lilblissfulnovels.wordpress.com

    Internet is a free world so anyone can translate anything they want. However as you know translating is time consuming and not easy so it is best not to duplicate even though your writing style will be different. It is such a waste of resources when there are so many good books out there which have no English translation. Maybe you can liaise with that blog and cooperate. This is merely my personal suggestion and I will respect your decision.


      1. I’ll advise you to translate books that you love so that you’ll enjoy translating it even more.

        Btw I forgot to ask you if you are interested to translate & post book synopsis in shushengbar since you’ve obviously read/heard quite a number of them?


      2. why don’t you help to translate this novel, Chu Wangfei. its already long without updating new chapter.. i wish you could translate this..


    1. yeah..when you’ll update? where is the new chapter every week as promised??can we consider the translation status as hiatus?


      1. Hey, thank you so much for reading. I will be continuing the translation and the next chapter will be out in the next few weeks, as for the frequency of the translations I’m not quite sure.


  3. Hi Superlatives,
    Hope you are doing better now!
    I really appreciate that you are taking your time and effort to to translate the novel (especially when you already did it before)!!
    I’m just glad that you are continuing this project 🙂
    Just take your time to translate, don’t feel pressured by us!
    Jiao you! Your readers are supporting you!!!! 😀


  4. Is it okay that I translate some scenes from Chu Wang Fei? I’m not trying to translate the novel, just some scenes that I like.


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