Back from my hiatus

Hello everybody!

I think the last time I properly posted anything on this blog was half a year ago? Yeah, it’s been a really long time. For those of you who have messaged me I’ve already explained why I decided not to update Chu Wang Fei for such a long time, if anyone else wants to know then you’re all free to ask me privately.

On a completely different and more positive note, I’ve decided to continue Chu Wang Fei. Obviously I can’t guarantee that I’ll update consistently but translating is something I like to do in my free time just because it’s a way for me to be creative without too much effort.

I know that some other blogs have taken over the translation of this novel (rosy fantasy has started translating from chapter 55 onwards and sparkling dawn lights is translating snippets – both are doing a wonderful job) but I would like to continue regardless since Chu Wang Fei is one of my all time favorite historical/romance C-novels.

So TL;DR, I’m back (probably temporarily) and am going to continue translating.

Thanks ❤


As a little ‘by the way’, I would like to mention that I’ve received a lot of positive and encouraging comments from a lot of the readers of this blog and I just wanted to say thank you. I don’t think I would be back today translating if I didn’t have the support. However, I’ve also gotten a handful of comments criticising my lack of updates and whatnot and I just wanted to say a few things. Number one, I don’t receive any money for this, I do this as a hobby and not for a living. Two, I’m a college student and I also have jobs + extra-curricular activities which take up the majority of my time. Three, translating c-novels isn’t the first ‘hobby/interest’ on my list when I have free time. I like to hang out with friends, travel, write, and play sport and I only pick up translating when I have no other obligations. I know that this is a lengthy paragraph and may come across as an ‘excuse’ of some sort but I really wanted to reiterate these facts.

I pride myself in prioritisation and as obvious as it may seem, translating c-novels doesn’t take precedence over academics, my college life and my family and friends. It’s purely a hobby, a way for me to express myself creatively and a method for me to improve my language abilities (or lack of)




Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since my last update for Chu Wang Fei but a lot has happened in the past few months with friends, family, and so on. I’ve been trying to get my life sorted out and I just didn’t have the time to work on the translations. I actually had quite a few chapters completed but as you guys know, my computer messed up my files ended up deleted; because of that (amongst other issues) I lost the motivation to continue translating as I didn’t want to rewrite the already translated sections. Fortunately for me, things are slowly starting to get better so I’ll be able to start translating again!

I’m so grateful that a lot people love this novel as much as I do and I apologise for the few months of hiatus. I’ve gotten quite a few messages criticising my absence and whilst I understand the frustration of wanting to read more (but not getting more) I would like to mention that translating c-novels is only a hobby for me, something that I love to do in my free time but doesn’t take precedence over a lot of other things which must be done. I tried my best to reproduce the chapters lost in the little time I had free each day but it’s been taking longer than I expected, especially as I ended up overseas for a while for work and school. On a happier note, I’ve also received a lot of comments and messages supporting my translations and asking whether or not I’ve been well so thank you so much for that!

The next chapter will be out sometime this month or early May.

New Projects!!!

‘Chu Wang Fei’ is obviously an incredibly long novel and I intend to translate it from beginning to end (and summarize the slightly boring sections in the middle); I’m not sure when I’ll be able to finish the whole book since I have to juggle a lot of other things aside from translating. Translating is only a past time for me and something I’m doing for my own benefit; I had actually translated a lot of ‘Chu Wang Fei’ before my computer broke down on me so I’m finding it a bit difficult to go over the sections I’ve already translated. Therefore, I’ve also decided to start working on ‘The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Investigator’ and ‘Just One Smile is Very Alluring’ whilst I slowly build up on the chapters of ‘Chu Wang Fei’. If you’ve read my recommendations/reviews page then you should already know that I love love love the ‘Female Forensic Investigator’, even more so than ‘Chu Wang Fei’. I’m only thinking about translating some of my favorite scenes (though I would like to translate the entire thing once I have the time). As for ‘Just One Smile is Very Alluring’, I think it would be fun to translate since it’s significantly shorter than a lot of other novels I’ve read and also quite lighthearted. I’ll definitely be translating the whole of ‘Just One Smile is Very Alluring’ without any summaries since it is, as I’ve mentioned quite short.

Also a slight update, I won’t be able to update frequently for the first three or so months of next year since I’m going to be travelling a lot so please don’t mind if I disappear for weeks or months at a time.

[UPDATE: It has come to my attention that another blog has already started translating 微微一笑很倾城, I know that quite a few people are fans of Gu Man so please check it out here http://lilblissfulnovels.wordpress.com!! I’ll probably pick up another translation project and if you have any recommendations please comment below!]




Chu Wang Fei: Characters

In case everything begins to get a bit confusing…I’ll add to it with each new chapter 😀


Yun family

Yun Qian Meng – the main character, the only official and legitimate daughter of the Yun family.

Yun Xuan Zhi – Yun Qian Meng’s father, the Right Prime Minister of Xi Chu Kingdom

Su Qin – Yun Xuan Zhi’s concubine, mother of Yun Ruo Xue

Yun Ruo Xue – younger sister of Yun Qian Meng and daughter of Su Qin


The Imperial Family

Yu Qian Di – the current Emperor

Chen Wang – half brother of Yu Qian Di

Dowager Empress – aunt of Yun Qian Meng


Chu Family

Chu Fei Yang – Left Prime Minister of Xi Chu Kingdom