UPDATE: It has come to my attention that another blog has already started translating 微微一笑很倾城, I know that quite a few people are fans of Gu Man so please check it out here http://lilblissfulnovels.wordpress.com!! I’ll probably pick up another translation project so if you have any recommendations please comment below!


  1. how about “To get a wife, eat her first” by Mi Bao? moonblossom’s review of this novel in ssb, as well as the comments of those who have read it, are quite interesting.


  2. What about “I am Pickled Vegetable, You are Fish” or “You Dare Marry Me, I Dare Marry You” ? I’ve read the review on them on hui3r and I’d love to read them!

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  3. Hi, first time visiting your blog. Thank you for translating these awesome novels! I would like to recommend Miao Jun’s “Translator.” I don’t think I’ve come across eng trans for this novel just yet. I read on weibo that this work is listed as one of the most anticipated novels to be adapted into drama this year. According to one entertainment weibo, the production company’s first choice of candidates (tho often times, the casting is completely different) for the actor/actress are Luo Jin and Song Qian.


  4. hello 🙂 i visited your blog because of chu wang fei and saw that you have dropped it somehow? i dunno. So uhm actually im still deciding if i could atleast help in translating it? so yea

    I dont know how to speak chinese or mandarin but I really wanna help translating it, i hope that counts . so if your interested 🙂


    1. Hey, I haven’t dropped Chu Wang Fei, I sort of put it on hold for a while because I was really busy. I think I have everything together right now but if I ever need help I’ll be sure to contact you. Can you read chinese?


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