New Projects!!!

‘Chu Wang Fei’ is obviously an incredibly long novel and I intend to translate it from beginning to end (and summarize the slightly boring sections in the middle); I’m not sure when I’ll be able to finish the whole book since I have to juggle a lot of other things aside from translating. Translating is only a past time for me and something I’m doing for my own benefit; I had actually translated a lot of ‘Chu Wang Fei’ before my computer broke down on me so I’m finding it a bit difficult to go over the sections I’ve already translated. Therefore, I’ve also decided to start working on ‘The Tang Dynasty’s Female Forensic Investigator’ and ‘Just One Smile is Very Alluring’ whilst I slowly build up on the chapters of ‘Chu Wang Fei’. If you’ve read my recommendations/reviews page then you should already know that I love love love the ‘Female Forensic Investigator’, even more so than ‘Chu Wang Fei’. I’m only thinking about translating some of my favorite scenes (though I would like to translate the entire thing once I have the time). As for ‘Just One Smile is Very Alluring’, I think it would be fun to translate since it’s significantly shorter than a lot of other novels I’ve read and also quite lighthearted. I’ll definitely be translating the whole of ‘Just One Smile is Very Alluring’ without any summaries since it is, as I’ve mentioned quite short.

Also a slight update, I won’t be able to update frequently for the first three or so months of next year since I’m going to be travelling a lot so please don’t mind if I disappear for weeks or months at a time.

[UPDATE: It has come to my attention that another blog has already started translating 微微一笑很倾城, I know that quite a few people are fans of Gu Man so please check it out here!! I’ll probably pick up another translation project and if you have any recommendations please comment below!]





  1. thank you i will wait for the translation of just One smile is very alluring i love gu mans novels…and all ur future cnovels translations…


  2. hi! i’m just wondering if this novel is the same one that lilzah [] will be translating. the titles seem to be similar, author is the same though.


    1. Hi Ynne, i’m not sure whether or not Chu Wang Fei has a vietnamese translation. I’m quite busy at the moment so I’m unable to search for it right now but I’ll definitely look and ask around asap and get back to you!!


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