Chu Wang Fei: Introduction



Yun Fu’s young mistress is weak and cowardly. After having her engagement broken off within the Jin Luan Dian, she kills herself by hitting her head upon a pillar.

When she wakes up, she is no longer feeble and is now cold and aloof making people terrified of her upon sight. She walks unhurriedly into the bloody hall and her chilly voice slowly resounds, “Then we can comply to Chen Wang’s wishes.”

Everybody knows that the young mistress’s personality has taken a drastic turn after the events within the palace but none of them could ever guess that her spirit has been replaced.

A foreign environment where everybody has sinister and ulterior motives, where plots and schemes plague the families, where disputes permeate government affairs; she who has been raised in a boudoir seems harmless enough.

What happens if she is no longer soft and timid? What if, in between a single smile, she can raise forth wind and rain reeking of blood and terror?

Yun Fu – The official residence of the Yun family. Only government officials and wealthy families have a ‘Fu’ since they’re massive and can usually house a few hundred people.



As a way to improve my Chinese, I’ve decided to start translating some of my favorite Chinese novels!!! Yayyyy…

Chu Wang Fei is one of my favorite novels because I absolutely adore the main couple. I’m thinking about fully translating the first few chapters and then summarizing 5-10 chapters or so at a time because it gets a bit boring at the beginning.

A little FYI, my Chinese is not great and my translation won’t be the exact same as the novel only because it would sound even more awkward than it is if I translate it word from word.

Hope you enjoy ❤


  1. i found your link in shushengbar , and i’m so excited. Thank you for sharing with us another c-novel. I will make be a regular reader here, checking ur project every now and the ^^


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